Sugar High and gallery1988 are getting ready to unveil their 3B exhibition, sharing artworks inspired by Bill & Ted, Beetlejuice and Back to the Future (thanks laughingsquid). In a fit of serendipity (or rather a moment of me noticing the constant co-incidences of life that we are only protected from by lack of omniscience), I was just thinking yesterday about the three films that defined the teenage life I never had.

While at the time I was watching the likes of Evil Dead 2, Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Toxic Avenger, the three films I look back on with a great fondness are of the inspirational, non-conformist, American youth I never had – Mallrats, Empire Records and Tank Girl. Evidently there was something about 1995..

Of course, with Tank Girl being based on (and delightfully including) the excellent work of Jamie Hewlett, an exhibition based on those three films would be fraught with self-referential confusion, but the idea of viewing the media of modern culture (TV, film, even games) as a legitimate basis for high art seems to be coming through. There was even an (admittedly comissioned) South Park exhibition in New York recently.

So, an exhibition of artwork inspired by cult films, we’ll call that my inspiration for the day.

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