In with the new

Due to the vagaries of wordpress and lightbox, my portfolio is now online, but operating entirely in miniature. I’ll find a way to un-shrink it in due course, but for now feel free to browse. It’s actually kind of cute and reminds me of my one time plan to host an exhibition entirely made of artworks under two inches square. So if size isn’t everything, bear with me for now.

I often live in a state of thinking that I’m not producing much work, or that my style and skill has been static for years. Looking back through my hard-drive to pick out my new portfolio its been interesting to look over the unfinished, forgotten and under-developed works that are lurking in folders transferred over from my old machine and see that my practice has been moving forward after all. At some point I may shine a light on some of the painful mistakes made over the last decade, but for now, a piece that I like i rather like, in spite of its rendering flaws.


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