Internets make the world go round

In the world of the internet there are a million resources for the would be artist, but like the rest of the internet a lot them are not particularly helpful. Those just starting out are keen to share every tip and trick that they will soon abandon as they improve, while the masters are wise enough not to give away what they have spent years perfecting (at least not for free, if you want some fantastic advice and are willing to pay for it has some fantastic pay for download tutorials on a range of subjects).

Like anything on the internet, the trick is finding the sites that are useful to you, so let me share two that I find really useful: is a pretty simple concept (app also available) – they have a stockpile of numerous random poses generated with a 3D anatomy model. This in itself doesn’t seem that useful, but they have a timed pose system that switches image at a user defined 10-90 seconds. This is no replacement for real-world people/life drawing of course, but as a 10 minute warm-up with your morning coffee before you start work for real, it can’t be beaten.

My second link is about 50% entertainment, 50% work. Personally I like to mix the two. Sketch Theatre is another relatively simple concept. Talented artists are filmed sketching on a time-lapse to artist chosen music. I’ve always felt that there are few things more interesting that seeing another artist work – not their finished, polished pieces but the raw flesh of how they start a piece – sketches and ideas. Sketch Theatre gives a weekly glimpse into another artists way of working.
For anyone who worries their work isn’t ‘proper’ it might suprise you how similar the way you work is to some of these very talented folks. Here’s a sneak peak, but go check out their site.

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