New Recruits

I am very excited to be welcoming some new faces to the FX team of Carl Homer’s The Last Bed & Breakfast.

The Last B&B is a short film, best described as a post-apocalyptic fairy tale. I was involved in pre-production with some concept art, including a cardboard maquette for testing the idea of working with 2D elements- an exciting idea which was stepped away from for a number of reasons. In post production Carl contacted me again to work with him on some more refined concepts and matte painting work now that a rough edit had been put together.

Despite being an exciting project, progress has been slow, so I am very happy to note that we will be having some extra hands to help things along, including someone with a lot more matte experience than me as I have been largely learning on the job so far.

As a result, work commitments have shifted slightly – working with the director from an early stage has left my concept work on this project in a rather disparate state and I shall be working to pull it together into something a bit more useful for Craig and Ivan to work with.

It’s a great little film and you’ll certainly be hearing more about it as we get closer to a release date.

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