Spam Poetry

Life is currently somewhat duck-like and despite my silence, there is furious peddling under the surface. I have a few projects on the go at the moment which I can’t comment on except to say that work on the The Last B&B is progressing well and I hope to be posting images again soon.

One of the interesting things about hosting a blog is that your little corner of the internet becomes a great snagging point for the flotsam of spam floating out there. Its becoming smarter as time goes along, with most of it being links combined with generic blog comments like ‘great post’ and ‘very useful indeed’. Sometimes though, you pick up the good old fashioned approach of combining words seemingly at random. Being interested in surrealism, this seemingly automatic process is fascinating and with a few trims and edits, this kind of spam becomes a kind of semi-automatic prose.

So here you go, courtesy of someone trying to sell knock-off watches via my blog:

The cti watches a thousand automatic capitalists, the interlocking whose hill wanted pounding. All the nightmare. Fallen ladies a fossil in watches, left him crushing trees of wide companion and hips that had been lily’s and hands of the sunflowers. She planned up, not nearly. She stared inside replica, dressed for the pistols, not settled about death. And each army say he the to the engraved watches and railroad, they report the end improved.

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