The Inaugural First Post

Starting anything is hard. The first page of a sketchbook, a blank canvas or an empty screen all have strength to them – a perfect blankness that any stroke of pencil, brush or key will ruin. That first mark can only be a mistake, because it ruins a state of complete perfection.

For me, art is a process of deformation, of twisting, cutting and tearing until that perfect, empty space is ruined and something else has been made from that process. Perhaps that’s because of how intimidating I find that blank space, there is a fear that whatever is created will not be able to stand up to the white of endless possibility and all that has been achieved is to destroy a perfectly good surface.

The longer I think on it, the longer I sit staring at the unsullied surface, the more power it seems to gain over me until I feel like its starting to take on some Poe-like attribute of madness and whatever image might have come from it gets overwhelmed.

The best response to this is to know that whatever happens, the perfection will be destroyed and start without thinking. Scribble, smear, write anything that comes to mind without ever thinking it until it is absolutely clear that the canvas will never be perfect again. Once the page is ruined, it has no more power and work can properly begin.

So here I am, making my first post without thinking about it, ruining the perfection by writing something. It’s better to make mistakes than never make anything at all.

I’m Michael Cunliffe, sometimes known as Mouse. This is my blog.

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  1. Kirstie says:

    Over thinking is your biggest barrier to your creativity

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