Whisperers in the darkness… brought to light

As an artist, connections between your work and those of others that are similar in content, tone and apporach are common and I love and draw influence from many great artists whose techniques I admire (from the dark imagery of Chet Zar to the freedom and violence of Francis Bacon and the compositions and lighting of Alex Proyas).

However, as many artists that I admire with similarities to my work, there are a great many more whose work I love but have no immediately apparant connection in terms of style or technique. Thanks to The Laughing Squid (who provide hosting for this site) I can now add the work of Mike Buttowski to that list.

Buttowski seems to share my love of Lovecraft and the tentacled things he dreamed up, but his approach could not be further from mine. Light colour with carefully defined linework bring a delicate, graceful and almost child-friendly humour to imagery that is anything but. He is currently trying to depict every creature that old HP cooked up and you can find them over at the wonderfully titled Yog Blogsoth. I recommend that you do.

The Hound by Mike Buttowski

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