A week of wonders

I am very pleased to announce that I will be spending the week of the 19th May in residence at the Creative Up North hub in North Shields.

The hub is a fantastic space for creatives from all walks of life and I am honoured that they have asked me to take on an unusual project for them.  Between the 19th and 23rd of May I will be using a three and a half metre metal bar as a canvas for a tattoo-inspired work of art.  This is a great opportunity to step out of my usual comfort zone and explore my interest in playing with surfaces and the idea of painting as image vs painting as object.

Aside from that I will be giving some short lunch time talks about stretching canvas, how I start my paintings, the mysterious alchemy that is oil paint and how not to be an artist.  Mostly I will be painting in a public space and chatting to anyone who wants to stop by, so please come down if you would like to see me at work. You will also be able to see a selection of my work being exhibited, buy prints and original artworks and have a rare opportunity to leaf through some of my sketchbooks.

You can follow the latest developments and what I’m up to during the week on Twitter.

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