Great North Snow Dogs

I was lucky enough last night to be invited to the launch event for the Great North Snowdogs project, the latest in a line of hugely successful projects by Wild in Art.

It was great to hear about the past successes of projects like The Big Hoot and Gromit Unleashed, not only in the money raised for their respective charities, but also the positive impact these projects have had on local communities and businesses.  The astonishing increases in footfall and revenue that these projects have had was a little dry, but the sense of community involvement and love for public art that was on display was truly inspiring (Sutton Coldfield even bought back ‘their’ owl through community crowdfunding).

As an artist with an illustrative background, the strong emphasis placed on artwork that captures the imagination and interest of the public was a welcome change from focussing on the value of ‘big name’ art and I will certainly be putting together a proposal or two for my own take on the beloved pooch.

Whatever happens, the Great North Snowdogs are going to make for a fantastic event and raise plenty of support and funding for the fantastic St Oswald’s Hospice.

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