Make a Splash

The Tynemouth Outdoor Pool project is a fantastic example of a community looking to restore a much-loved piece of history by transforming it into something new. Rather than dwelling on nostalgia, the project aims to create a viable, modern outdoor pool that will still capture the spirit of the sea-view attraction that captured the imagination of thousands of children.

The project’s latest fundraising effort is the ‘Make a Splash’ exhibition, currently on display at the Old Low Light on North Shield’s Fish Quay. A staggering range of artists donated work for the exhibition, with sales going directly toward funding the outdoor pool project.

The exhibition itself is a triumph, masterfully curated and hung with skill and care that stand alongside any professional gallery. The quality of the artwork is ranged from emerging to professional and in my opinion, many of the works have been under-priced for their quality, without the usual gallery percentages, offering the opportunity to pick up some incredible work at a bargain price.

Make a Splash 1

Make a Splash 2


For my part, I donated a new, original oil painting ‘The Nautilus Dreams of the Ocean’ and you can view a time-lapse of part of the painting process below.

I highly recommend you check out the exhibition and if you want to contribute to the project, you can buy artwork from the project’s online store.

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