Newcastle Film and Comic-Con 2015

Last weekend I headed out for my very first comic-con a dealer and I have to say I had a great time.  Showmasters had already put on a fantastic event in March and I had been a attendee of similar events they had run in Peterborough and London, so I was excited to be able to get a table for their Newcastle Event in November.


I’d like to thank not only the organisers, but my fellow exhibitors and all of the great attendees for a fantastic event.  While I hear that the event was quieter than usual, the snow didn’t deter some amazing cosplayers (I now strongly believe that the next Captain America should be a woman)  or the dampen the enthusiasm of anyone I met.

My work was very well received and I am happy to say there are now a lot more people enjoying my art on their walls.  In particular I was pleased by the reaction of the YA age group, whose praise was both blunt and sincere and I am glad to see parents encouraging their sons and daughters to embrace darker art and fiction as well as the bright and fantastic.



I also got the chance to speak with several amateur and aspiring artists and I hope that I will one day be seeing their work in publication and on display.

If you missed out on the con, or were one of the people who ran out of room for my prints, you can head on over to my shop to buy prints and originals, but please order soon to make sure delivery can be arranged for Christmas.

I’ll be back again for NFCC in 2016 and I hope to see plenty of you there.  In the meantime, please go and check out the following brilliant people I met:
When the Moon isn’t shining in the sky, he puts on a suit and comes down to Earth, investigating the most ridiculous crimes you can imagine
Scott Robinson is a fantastic artist with pencil, ink and needles.
It may be early days for this startup, but they are full of enthusiasm to bring good food and good games together under one roof in Newcastle – go check them out and pitch some support at their kickstarter if you want to see more gaming in the Toon.
Jennifer Richardson is a fantastic airbrush artist and photographer.  If you are looking for custom work on helmets or vehicles, I recommend you check her out.
While she may be working in her spare time, there is nothing amateur about the quality of this woman’s FX and body paint work.


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