Inktober 2014

inktober-logoSince apparently trying to organise a house move and set up a new studio isn’t difficult enough, I’ve decided to join in this year’s Inktober.  The concept is simple – 31 days, 31 ink drawings, dreamed up by Jake Parker

So, if you want to see what I can manage to rustle up between packing boxes and moving vans, follow me on twitter to find daily(ish) drawings posted up with the #inktober tag.


Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines day everyone!

facehugger on heart

I was hoping to have this piece coloured by today, but personal projects have been delayed due to some mythos-related work. Hopefully some less cryptic updates on that in due course.

Time to Talk

Time to change | surreal sketch by Michael Cunliffe

Another month, another challenge

After sharing the excellent fully dressed superheroines of Michael Lee Lunsford, friend, game creator and walking L’Oreal advert Graham Bennett challenged me to sketch a fully dressed Witchblade and apply the reverse to a male superhero. With turnabout being fair play, I picked the wardrobe challenged Witchblade’s counterpart The Darkness.


Witchblade clothed sketch

Darkness topless sketch
Witchblade and The Darkness are of course, property of Top Cow comics.

Painting without Blending

With 2013 arriving, I am challenging myself to push my technique, with a challenge every month. For January, this involved stepping away from the use of blending tools, focusing on mark making and stroke placement to convey colour and form.

You can see a few of the practise pieces below.


A little something different today for another Illustration Friday between thumbnails for an oil commission.


Hot on the heels of last week, here’s a much earlier posting of this weeks Illustration Sketch Friday, ‘puzzled’.


Its Illustration Sketch Friday time!

With work commitments squeezing my time, I’m taking a step back with Illustration Friday and you can expect to see some sketches and quick line drawings coming up over the next few weeks. So lets kick that off with this week’s “Vocal”


Responding to this week’s Illustration Friday, “capable” with some unusual subject matter for me and keeping the resolution low to avoid getting too involved in details.


It seems this Illustration Friday thing is keeping me agile – another quick one for this weeks ‘Popularity’