The Not-Mural

What happens when an artist and his wife, who count Spiderman, Dr Who and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy amongst their favourite things need a mural for their nursery?

In this case, what happens is the artist throws out his usual techniques and styles to create a child-friendly, geek-tastic piece of wall art that won’t be painted over if we have to move. Every spare moment for the last month has been devoted to creating something for my son (or at least for us while he is too young to enjoy it). Not only did this mean creating a completely new style of drawing, but also turning from heavy, dark oils to light, colourful watercolour.

At the first sketch stages, the number of characters that we wanted to include just kept growing – how can you introduce your child to Star Trek without the counterbalance of Star Wars? Marvel without DC? Which Dr Who should be used? In the end I had to create a diptych to fit it all in.

Those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen a lot of progress pictures over the last few weeks and anyone who is interested in seeing this piece come together should feel free to go check it out there.

Finally, the not-mural is finished, framed and hung on the wall and I can reveal its finished look.

Not mural hanging in nursery

part two of geeky watercolour paintingpart one of geeky watercolour painting

watercolour of Green Lantern flying a kite
Green Lantern (Jon Stewart) flying his kite.

watercolour of superheroes playing football in Newcastle United Shirts
Thor, Iron Man, Supergirl, Flash and Wonder Woman wearing their Newcastle Shirts

Watercolour of Picard and Riker from Star Trek
Picard and Riker playing with their toy Enterprise (saucer separated of course)

Watercolour of Superman and Storm from X-men chasing each other
X-Men’s Storm chasing Superman

watercolour of several Dr Whos playing tug of war
Our favourite Dr Who incarnations (and our Son’s first) playing tug of war

Watercolour of Spider Man and Batman reading books
Spiderman reading the Hitchiker’s Guide and Batman reading Lord of the Rings

watercolour of Ant Man having a picnic
Ant-Man having a picnic

watercolour of Princess Leia and Han Solo with a deathstar balloon
Princess Leia and Han Solo with Death Star balloon and toy Millennium Falcon


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