Self portrait by Michael Cunliffe 2015

“Dark, a little disturbing and wonderful.” 

Michael Cunliffe graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2005 and has spent the following years developing his blend of dark, surreal imagery in both traditional and digital media.

With a client list that includes role playing games, horror anthologies and music festivals and with work being used for print publishing, pint glasses and tattoo designs, his adaptive approach continues to develop new markets.

Originally from Cambridge, Michael moved the Dreams of Ego studio to North Tyneside in 2014 where he lives with his very understanding wife, sons and cats and spends his days pouring ideas into pixels and paint.


Email: michael@dreamsofego.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dreamsofego
Instagram: instagram.com/dreamsofego
Twitter: twitter.com/dreamsofego

Michael Cunliffe’s work reminds me of Clive Barker’s early art, but with a truly unique sense of dimension and depth, so I was extremely pleased to discover that he was the artist assigned to my recent story in Cthulhu Deep Down Under; more so when I saw the piece for the first time. He captured the spirit of The Elder Things in each brush stroke and brought the story to life.”
B. MICHAEL RADBURNThe artwork, by Eric Lofgren and Michael Cunliffe, is superb… [Michael’s] work is something I would hang on my wall.”

Michael is not only a wonderful illustrative talent who contributed a knock-out work for the book, but he was a passionate team player, contributing time and engagement via helping us promote the project … Anyone who has a chance of working with this creator should jump at the chance!