Image Restoration

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Over time, photographs and other images fade from exposure to light and can pick up scratches, tears and watermarks, but these fascinating sights and priceless memories can be restored to their former glory.

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Skilled, artistic restoration of photographs

I do not use automated processes or apply single-click solutions to batches of photos. I treat every image as a unique piece of art, assessing and correcting colour damage, uncovering hidden details and removing scratches. For heavily damaged images where a crease, tear or stain has cut through the image, my training as an artist allows me to use surrounding information to ‘paint’ the damaged section back into existence where possible.

This individual approach means that I have to assess each image to provide a quote for this work, with simple restorations from as little as £5. Images are returned in digital format as standard, with the option to purchase museum quality, giclée prints for an additional cost.

For a free, no obligation quote, please email me at with a photograph or scan of the image you would like restored.

For large lots of images, a sample showing the level of restoration needed and how many images there are will be fine.


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