Inktober 2015

Last year, I foolishly decided to join in with the excellent Inktober project run by Jake Parker while in the process of moving house with a baby.

This year, while fully settled into my new northern home, my workload for the month is astronomical. Between preparing work for the upcoming Invisible Beasts exhibition/publication, completing my A-Z, getting ready for Newcastle Comic-Con and completing one of my largest private commissions to date, October is a crazy month, even before you add my son’s second birthday into the mix.

As a result, it would be absolute madness to add another project into the mix, even one as simple as Inktober can be.  So, obviously I will be attempting the Inktober challenge.Ink pens, iphone and sketchbook

To try and preserve some level of sanity however, this year I will be imposing some strict regulations on myself – no underdrawing, no planning or prep work, no dip pens and .01 detailing. Every day, I will be doing an ink drawing with nothing but the tools shown above and a strict five minute time limit from the moment I sit down to work. This might be a great, relaxing daily exercise, it might be a cavalcade of rushed and half finished dodgy sketches. You can find out which by following me on any of my social media accounts over the next thirty days.

Wish me luck.



Inktober 2014

inktober-logoSince apparently trying to organise a house move and set up a new studio isn’t difficult enough, I’ve decided to join in this year’s Inktober.  The concept is simple – 31 days, 31 ink drawings, dreamed up by Jake Parker

So, if you want to see what I can manage to rustle up between packing boxes and moving vans, follow me on twitter to find daily(ish) drawings posted up with the #inktober tag.



A new surreal piece, resulting from a quick sketch made in a café. Its a personal piece worked up in Corel Painter 12, with heavy influence from traditional surrealist paintings. You can see the original sketch and a process piece below.

Taut - digital painting by Michael Cunliffe

Pencil sketch by Michael Cunliffedigitally coloured pencil sketch by Michael Cunliffe

Another month, another challenge

After sharing the excellent fully dressed superheroines of Michael Lee Lunsford, friend, game creator and walking L’Oreal advert Graham Bennett challenged me to sketch a fully dressed Witchblade and apply the reverse to a male superhero. With turnabout being fair play, I picked the wardrobe challenged Witchblade’s counterpart The Darkness.


Witchblade clothed sketch

Darkness topless sketch
Witchblade and The Darkness are of course, property of Top Cow comics.